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PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) accounts are managed by experienced and skilled traders or money managers who make investment decisions on behalf of the investors. These professionals have expertise in the financial markets and aim to generate profits for their clients. By entrusting your funds to professionals, you can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Why Choose Us?


Diversification helps spread the risk associated with investments. 

Passive Income

Earn profits without actively monitoring or managing the investments yourself


Investors can track performance, and assess the effectiveness of the money manager

40% Monthly ROI

Our software consistently makes a minimum of 40% monthly returns

24/7 Support

If you have any problems or concerns our support team will be ready to help

Will This Work For You?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which firm should I go with?

It’s up to you to fully learn about the rules for each of these firms that we recommend, so you’ll be able to make a better decision on which firm to go with.

Why should I trust an automated trading tool to manage my trades?

Our automated trading tools designed to assist traders who are struggling to achieve profitability. Manual trading is often unsuccessful, with a 99% failure rate. By automating your trading with our algorithms and softwares you’ll increase your chances of success.

Why can’t I get a refund if you fail?

Because it takes a team to run this system we have to pay our employees regardless if accounts are passed or even failed. But because we care for our clients we give your 2 free passes which saves you hundreds or thousands.

What happens after I purchase your passing services?

After purchasing you will get sent to a page where you will provide us with your account information to get passed! We will soon be updating all clients through email daily with their account results

How fast should I expect my account to get passed?

Although not everyday the markets are volatile but all accounts are expected to be passed within 72 hours. If not please be patient with us we’re probably updating our systems to make sure your accounts gets passed.

Do you have to trade at all during the challenges?

You only have to trade the account to fulfill the remaining trading days after we’ve reached the profit goal.