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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

After joining High Conscious, we provide you everything need from beginners to advanced training including our fully instructive trading course & 4hr+ trading videos

What is G2R?

G2R is an updated version of the strategy created by @PmGmack, which finds very accurate entries even on the minute, Hourly, & second time frames by identifying the Markets trends for all pairs every day! With Automatic Stop loss & Take profit levels which makes trading a lot simpler!

What is G2R’s signal accuracy?

G2R on TradingView has More than an %85 accuracy & G2R on Meta trader has More than an %88 accuracy

About 8/10 of all signals provided by G2R reaches the Take profit levels WITHOUT touching the Stop loss, which allows to make large profits with small risks

How much experience do I need to use it?

You can be an advanced trader or beginner we have you covered at high conscious

Can you guarantee results?

I cannot guarantee any results but I can guarantee if you put in the time to understand trading with our products you will succeed and that’s a promise

Is G2R hard to understand?

G2R is very simple to understand & master because it provides signals based off trends and lets you know when to get in & out of a trade.

How does G2R signals work?

G2R sends you a signal notification DIRECTLY to your phone for the pair & time frame of your choice only after finding an accurate entry point

What markets can I use it with?

You can use our tools on every market including forex, crypto, stocks, & options

What makes this tool different?

G2R is a confirmation indicator that identifies trends for every session, day, week, which allows it to send very accurate also for all markets even on the 1-minute frame!

Does it work on MetaTrader 4/5?

Our tools work across TradingView and MetaTrader platform

What’s included?

A fully instructive 6+ hour trading course with my personal trading guides & 2 additional very valuable gifts that will make your experience with G2R 10x easier & more exciting!

Refund policy

We have a no refund policy. Our onetime payment and is NONREFUNDABLE.

In High Conscious we believe that as long as you want something bad enough your going to make it happen, Because of that we allow no REFUNDS, but you can always cancel your

Our Vision

 In 5 to 10 years I see High Conscious Having hundreds of thousands of members that reached financial freedom and spiritual enlightenment not only through trading but also through financial niches like credit, real estate e-commerce, and more. Students will learn from multiple high value courses and mentors going live multiple times a week.

Our Mission

Is to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve financial and spiritual prosperity through high-level education and personal engagement. We believe every individual has the power to tap into their underlying gifts by becoming the best version of themselves. Your success is our #1 priority, tap in and let’s get it done!